Roadtrips & Vlogging Tips

Roadtrips and Vlogging Tips - Sew Old Fashioned

A little while back, I wrote about my unexpected break from vlogging (you can read it here). I wasn’t even sure why I’d taken the break, even as I was writing the blog post. Was it too much work? Did vlogging get in the way of sewing? Was I losing my creativity?

I didn’t let the reason bother me too much; instead, I just got into the business of making stuff. So far this year, I’ve sewn four dresses and knitted quite a few beanies, not to mention my cabled cardigan. I took lots of photos. Honestly, I enjoyed the break and I waited until the time felt right for a return.

That time was last week. Read on for the video and a bit of an explanation of this whole hiatus business… Continue reading

Sewing and Stashing: A Tale of Two Hobbies

I have a serious problem and I need to confess it to you all. You might laugh at first, and that’s fine – I would have laughed, too, once upon a time. But I’m going to put it out there anyway because I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this problem.

One of my hobbies is buying fabric for my stash.

“Well, of course!” you may say. “Everyone who sews needs a stash, otherwise you can’t actually sew anything.”

Here’s the thing, though: the fabric in my stash isn’t fabric I want in my wardrobe. Continue reading

How Sewing to a Deadline can Increase your Productivity

Sewing to a Deadline Feature

You want to finish your dress but it’s still in two bits and you never seem to find the time to put them together.

You need some new knit tops for Winter, but you haven’t even pre-washed your fabric yet.

You have so many things you want to sew but nothing ever seems to make it to your wardrobe.

I know. I hear you. This used to be me until I worked out how to fix the problem. Read on to find out exactly what I did… Continue reading

Getting Podcasty

The Sew Old Fashioned Podcast

Last weekend, I nervously uploaded a video to YouTube and scheduled it to go live on Saturday morning. My mind was turning over and over with a cavalcade of thoughts and worries: Will people still like it? Is it too long? What if no-one wants to watch it? Have I made a huge mistake?

I wasn’t even this worried when I uploaded my first ever sewing vlog just over a year ago!

Why all the thoughts and worries? Why was I second-guessing myself? Read on to find out. Continue reading

Day & Night Dress Challenge Reveal!

Day and Night Dress Challenge

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been sewing up a storm and getting ready to share a pair of lovely dresses with you all. It’s fabulous to have an excuse to sew dresses (my normal excuse is ‘I just want one’), so I was delighted when Elizabeth of Elizabeth Made This invited me to be part of the blogging and vlogging team for her sewing challenge, the Day and Night Dress Challenge. She challenged us to make a set of dresses: one for going out for a coffee and the other for an event involving cocktails. You can read about my initial plans for the challenge here.

And because the challenge was all about matching pairs, I have a matching pair of links for you! Read on to see what’s on offer. Continue reading

Fabulous Thrifting Finds

Thrifting Haul - Feature

If you’ve been following my Instagram or YouTube (or even my other blog) for a while, you’ll know I’m obsessed with op shops. Or thrift stores. Or charity shops. Whatever you call them, I love them. I buy plates and bowls from them. I source many of my sewing supplies from them. When Tim and I first moved in together, we bought almost everything we needed from them.

And I’m still going to them, because it’s impossible to stop. You can’t go in to an op shop and expect to buy a particular item; you have to go in with an open mind and a sense of adventure and that’s what I love about the whole experience.

Of course, the actual best part of picking up a whole bunch of treasures at an op shop is telling everyone about it! Read on to see what I found when Tim and I dropped in to a couple of fabulous op shops near a friend’s place. Continue reading