Getting Podcasty

The Sew Old Fashioned Podcast

Last weekend, I nervously uploaded a video to YouTube and scheduled it to go live on Saturday morning. My mind was turning over and over with a cavalcade of thoughts and worries: Will people still like it? Is it too long? What if no-one wants to watch it? Have I made a huge mistake?

I wasn’t even this worried when I uploaded my first ever sewing vlog just over a year ago!

Why all the thoughts and worries? Why was I second-guessing myself? Read on to find out. Continue reading

Enter My YouTube Giveaway! [CLOSED]

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Once upon a time, I made a spur of the moment decision to record a video about vintage sewing patterns and upload it to YouTube. I’d only just discovered the YouTube sewing community the day before and I’d spent the better part of a day watching video after video and subscribing to every sewing vlogger I could find. It felt like a fun community and I felt as though I’d like to join it.

I had no idea I’d be sitting here a year later, still uploading those videos, with over 1,200 people subscribed to my channel. It’s still a little surreal, to be honest!

It’s high time I gave something back to say thank-you to everyone who has jumped on board. Read on to find out what I’m giving away and how you can enter! Continue reading

Merry Vlogmas

Merry Vlogmas from Sew Old Fashioned

A Merry Vlogmas to all!

Thank-you, you may be saying, but what on earth is Vlogmas? Essentially, Vlogmas is a shared act of questionable sanity that occurs every December where YouTubers across the world try to make a video every day until Christmas. Given that I had left my job at the end of November and was vaguely occupied with some freelance work, I decided I had enough time to join in with the fun this year.

I’m glad I did take part because even though it was a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun and I was certainly feeling more festive than I normally do. That’s what happens when you spend a lot of time wearing a sparkly santa hat while drinking tea out of your ridiculous Christmas mug.

What did I get up to Vlogmas? Read on for a link to the entire set of videos for 2017. Continue reading