Fabulous Thrifting Finds

Thrifting Haul - Feature

If you’ve been following my Instagram or YouTube (or even my other blog) for a while, you’ll know I’m obsessed with op shops. Or thrift stores. Or charity shops. Whatever you call them, I love them. I buy plates and bowls from them. I source many of my sewing supplies from them. When Tim and I first moved in together, we bought almost everything we needed from them.

And I’m still going to them, because it’s impossible to stop. You can’t go in to an op shop and expect to buy a particular item; you have to go in with an open mind and a sense of adventure and that’s what I love about the whole experience.

Of course, the actual best part of picking up a whole bunch of treasures at an op shop is telling everyone about it! Read on to see what I found when Tim and I dropped in to a couple of fabulous op shops near a friend’s place. Continue reading

How I Learnt To Sew My Own Underwear

Sewing Your Own Underwear Feature

Who would have thought something so small could be so terrifying? I’ve happily sewn all sorts of garments and even knitted rather complex patterns, but the idea of sewing a small pair of underpants in knit fabric had me searching for excuses not to do it.

Even though I really wanted to.

In fact, even though I really needed to, given the rate at which my underwear was falling apart on me. (Not literally on me, although it was only a matter of time.)

The situation worsened early last year when I bought myself a handful of new undies and found them to be almost unwearable. Too small there. Too big here. Too everything wrong everywhere. There seemed to be only one solution: I had to start making my own undies using a pattern that would fit me and satisfy my own requirements.

Read on to find out what happened next! Continue reading