Sewing and Stashing: A Tale of Two Hobbies

I have a serious problem and I need to confess it to you all. You might laugh at first, and that’s fine – I would have laughed, too, once upon a time. But I’m going to put it out there anyway because I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this problem.

One of my hobbies is buying fabric for my stash.

“Well, of course!” you may say. “Everyone who sews needs a stash, otherwise you can’t actually sew anything.”

Here’s the thing, though: the fabric in my stash isn’t fabric I want in my wardrobe. Continue reading

How Sewing to a Deadline can Increase your Productivity

Sewing to a Deadline Feature

You want to finish your dress but it’s still in two bits and you never seem to find the time to put them together.

You need some new knit tops for Winter, but you haven’t even pre-washed your fabric yet.

You have so many things you want to sew but nothing ever seems to make it to your wardrobe.

I know. I hear you. This used to be me until I worked out how to fix the problem. Read on to find out exactly what I did… Continue reading

Day & Night Dress Challenge Reveal!

Day and Night Dress Challenge

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been sewing up a storm and getting ready to share a pair of lovely dresses with you all. It’s fabulous to have an excuse to sew dresses (my normal excuse is ‘I just want one’), so I was delighted when Elizabeth of Elizabeth Made This invited me to be part of the blogging and vlogging team for her sewing challenge, the Day and Night Dress Challenge. She challenged us to make a set of dresses: one for going out for a coffee and the other for an event involving cocktails. You can read about my initial plans for the challenge here.

And because the challenge was all about matching pairs, I have a matching pair of links for you! Read on to see what’s on offer. Continue reading

How I Learnt To Sew My Own Underwear

Sewing Your Own Underwear Feature

Who would have thought something so small could be so terrifying? I’ve happily sewn all sorts of garments and even knitted rather complex patterns, but the idea of sewing a small pair of underpants in knit fabric had me searching for excuses not to do it.

Even though I really wanted to.

In fact, even though I really needed to, given the rate at which my underwear was falling apart on me. (Not literally on me, although it was only a matter of time.)

The situation worsened early last year when I bought myself a handful of new undies and found them to be almost unwearable. Too small there. Too big here. Too everything wrong everywhere. There seemed to be only one solution: I had to start making my own undies using a pattern that would fit me and satisfy my own requirements.

Read on to find out what happened next! Continue reading

Day and Night Dress Challenge

Day and Night Dress Challenge

The Day and Night Dress Challenge

I have some exciting news! I’m a member of the blogging and vlogging team for this year’s Day and Night Dress Challenge run by Elizabeth Made This. It’s an absolute honour to be part of this team – I’m in the company of so many talented dressmakers.

The good news is that the challenge isn’t just for the #dayandnightdresschallenge team: you can take part, too! In fact, you’re encouraged to get involved and put yourself in the running for a whole host of incredible prizes.

But what’s it all about? What am I planning to make? Read on to find out more… Continue reading

Summer Sewing Plans

Summer Sewing Plans - Sew Old Fashioned

My Summer Sewing Plans

There’s something so enticing about the start of a new year. We make resolutions. (Or resewlutions…) We get excited about the potential of this unknown collection of 365 days.

We make crazy sewing plans that conveniently ignore the fact that we need to sleep every now and then.

But who needs sleep when there are so many fun things to sew? I have a stash of fabrics and patterns and it’s high time I put them all to good use. Read on to find out what I’m planning to sew this Summer. Continue reading

New Years Sewing Resolutions

NewYearsResewlutions Sew Old Fashioned

Setting Some Sewing Resolutions… Or ReSEWlutions!

Have you made any crafty plans for 2018? Set some stash-busting goals? Written down your sewing resolutions? I always try my best at this sort of stuff – I even set a tiny set of goals for myself in 2016 in the not-entirely-successful aftermath of the more ambitious plans I made in 2015 – but I end up completely forgetting about it all some time around March. What can I say: I am easily distracted, although I do enjoy throwing together a list or two, preferably with tick boxes.

So when Boz approached me to see if I was interested in taking part in a tag about sewing resolutions, you might have thought my answer would be a polite no, thanks, given my past experience. In fact, it was a resounding yes, please because these were actually reSEWlutions and they come with absolutely no pressure whatsoever.

Read on to find out more… Continue reading