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I bet you love making things, don’t you? You like to sew or perhaps you’re more of a knitter. Maybe you’re even multi-craftual (it’s entirely possible this isn’t a word but it should be – the main thing is you know exactly what I mean by it).

Or perhaps you’re a bit like I was a couple of years ago: fascinated by people who create things but not quite ready to follow that example. Yet.

So now we’ve sorted out who we all are, let’s work out what we’re doing here.

What is Sew Old Fashioned all about?

Firstly, be prepared for puns. I love puns. I love even more the fact that I could put a pun in my website’s name. Puns make me almost as happy as polka dots do.

Puns and polka dots aside, Sew Old Fashioned is all about sharing the love of making things.

You know what it’s like to be obsessed with making things or collecting old knitting patterns or endlessly stroking your favourite pieces of fabric from your stash, only to have people look at you strangely?

Yeah, me too. I have a fabulous husband who quite happily enables almost anything I do, but there are only so many times he can nod and smile as I excitedly show him the un-cut 1950s vintage sewing pattern I just found for $1 at a local op shop (that’s our name for thrift or charity stores in Australia).

That’s why Sew Old Fashioned exists. It’s a place where we can come together and get excited about seam finishes or learning a fancy new cable knitting pattern.

At Sew Old Fashioned, you’ll be able to:

  • read reviews about the patterns I’ve been making (and see lots of photos, too, since photography is one of my other obsessions)
  • pick up some tips to make your sewing and knitting life easier and even more fun
  • take a sneaky peek behind the scenes of my YouTube channel
  • be inspired to make lots of things yourself!

Who am I anyway?

Making things has always been a huge part of my life. I used to spend hours making tea sets out of old cereal boxes and then taking them to school before I turned my attention to somewhat more practical items.

Tea cups made out of cardboard = not so useful.

A sparkly swimsuit for my barbie doll = winning!

My mum taught me to sew, knit and crochet and I spent all of my time absorbed by these crafts (when I wasn’t reading, writing or staring into the distance, lost in my imagination). Then finished secondary school and promptly stopped doing all of them.

Except for the reading, writing and staring into the distance, lost in my imagination.

Thankfully, I discovered sewing blogs a few years back. It was so much fun to see what people were making and it wasn’t long before I thought I should be one of those people, too. I got back into crochet and had a fantastic time. Then I picked up knitting. Then I found myself surrounded by fabric and sewing machines.

My sewing really took off when I started a YouTube channel at the beginning of 2017. That channel has taken over my life! It still bewilders me that I had no idea the vibrant sewing community on YouTube even existed until January 2017, but I’m delighted to be part of it now.

This blog is a bit of a behind-the-scenes place where you can poke around at my life away from the vlog. Make yourself comfortable – I do hope you’ve brought some sewing or knitting to do while you’re here!

For the full story, check out my very first blog post on Sew Old Fashioned.

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